Ultimate Omega-3 Plus

by Optichoice

VESIsorb Ultimate Omega-3 Plus - 1 softgel equals 6 regular fish oil capsules!

Omega-3 Plus with patented VESIsorb® is the highest percent EPA, 80 mg, and DHA, 480 mg, as a body-safe triglyceride without a prescription. OmegaChoice® in VESIsorb® takes a lipid-based ingredient and makes it water soluble, greatly increasing absorption and bioavailability over other brands. Plus contains 2000 IU D3, 600 mcg of Astaxanthin (as AstaREAL,) and 840 mg EFA’s per serving. 1 month supply.

Item: 52086 Size: 60 capsules $27.19

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