Lubrisyn HA Joint Formula

by Halstrum

Lubrisyn HU is now Lubrisyn HA! Same great product with a new look!

HA is naturally found in the synovial fluid cushioning our joints and throughout the body in the skin and eyes. Age depletes our stores of HA, but Lubrisyn HA can help replenish those stores and so reduce the friction and inflammation that can lead to painful arthritic conditions and other age-related conditions. A 2 teaspoon serving of LubriSyn HA delivers 60 mg of hyaluronic acid in a gel form. Each 11.5 oz. bottle provides a 2 week supply. Does not contain Sucralose.

Item: 51937 Color/Style: Grape Size: 11.5 oz $35.15
Item: 51935 Color/Style: Grape Size: 3 x 11.5 oz $88.15
Item: 51936 Color/Style: Original Size: 11.5 oz $35.15
Item: 51934 Color/Style: Original Size: 3 x 11.5 oz $88.15

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