D:tox System

by Giovanni

Out with the Bad: Volcanic ash and activated charcoal work to extract impurities, rejuvenating skin without drying. Hand harvested super-antioxidants of Acai and Goji berry help recharge and rejuvenate facial cells.

In with the Good: Super-antioxidants are the key to restoring skin's elasticity and youthful glow. It begins by fighting off damaging free radicals and super-charging tired cells to help recreate the face you remember.

Step 1 Foaming Cleanser: This lush, gentle foaming cleanser removes makeup, including eye makeup, and other impurities, leaving skin refreshed and hydrated. pH balanced.

Step 2 Exfoliating Scrub: This incredibly gentle facial scrub will leave your face smooth, soft and as pure as it has ever been. Removes any traces of make-up and oils without drying, leaving your face buffed and smooth. pH balanced.

Step 3 Cream Moisturizer: This lush cream moisturizer penetrates deeply to fight the damaging effects of free radicals and help recharge cells. Leaves your skin pure, soothed and positively extraordinary. pH balanced.

Item: 51667 Color/Style: Step 1 Purifying Facial Cleanser Size: 7 oz $9.49 $6.49
Item: 51668 Color/Style: Step 2 Purifying Facial Scrub Size: 4 oz $9.49 $6.49
Item: 51669 Color/Style: Step 3 Replenishing Facial Moisturizer Size: 4 oz $9.49 $6.49
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