Spry Chewing Gum a

by Xlear

* Fortified with xylitol, the substance bacteria hate
* Recommended by dentists around the world

Imagine a chewing gum that can protect your teeth and health! This natural chewing gum fights cavities, plaque, bacteria, and germs by leaving an invisible coating of xylitol on the surface of your teeth. This slippery coating creates an unfriendly place for them to live. Spry Gum is sugar free with no fluoride.

Item: 51377 Color/Style: Cinnamon Size: 20 x 10 ct $16.39
Item: 52401 Color/Style: Cinnamon Size: 600 ct $39.20 $32.99
Item: 51378 Color/Style: Fresh Fruit Size: 20 x 10 ct $16.39
Item: 52404 Color/Style: Fresh Fruit Size: 600 ct $39.20
Item: 51381 Color/Style: Green Tea Size: 20 x 10 ct $16.39
Item: 51379 Color/Style: Peppermint Size: 20 x 10 ct $16.39
Item: 52402 Color/Style: Peppermint Size: 600 ct $39.20
Item: 51380 Color/Style: Spearmint Size: 20 x 10 ct $16.39
Item: 52403 Color/Style: Spearmint Size: 600 ct $39.20

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