RAW Protein Beyond Organic Protein Formula

by Garden Of Life

Garden of Life RAW Protein is the organic protein formula.

Why is RAW protein simply the best protein on the market? The 13 sprouted plant proteins are always produced at low temps, which preserves their complete amino acid integrity and whole-food, Certified Organic, NON-GMO goodness. When tested to see how the body utilizes RAW Protein (the Biological Value or BV), it was found at 98.2% efficiency. This compares very similarly to animal proteins, and is far superior to other vegetarian proteins such as pea protein at 48% BV and soy protein at 57% BV. Now add in RAW probiotics, enzymes, and key vitamins, and you have a RAW Protein unlike any other!RAW Protein is an excellent source of protein from RAW organic sprouts. You get 18 gm of brown rice and protein per serving. This certified organic protein features the Vitamin Code vitamins A, D, E & K. Contains live probiotics and enzymes but no fillers, artificial flavors or synthetic nutrients. Gluten and dairy free. 28 servings.

Item: 51699 Color/Style: Chocolate Size: 650 gm powder MSRP $45.26 Everyday Low Price $31.68
Item: 51700 Color/Style: Vanilla Size: 631 gm powder MSRP $45.26 Everyday Low Price $31.68
Item: 51346 Color/Style: Unflavored Size: 622 gm powder No longer available
Item: 51877 Color/Style: Vanilla Chai Size: 630 gm powder No longer available

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