Mega Probiotic-ND

by Mountain Naturals

If you’re irregular or have poor lower digestive health this is the formula for you

Mountain Naturals Mega Probiotic-ND contains not one or two… but eight specialized probiotics (friendly bacteria) that work to improve your lower digestive miseries. This formula is also fortified with FOS (a mega prebiotic) which nourishes the other probiotics, and also promotes stomach and bowel health. All these friendly flora help promote healthy digestion, efficient nutrient absorption, and regularity. You get 5 billion friendly flora in each yeast-free vegetarian capsule. Suggested use: Initial: Take twice daily, after breakfast and after dinner, until results occur. Child: 1 capsule, Adult: 2 capsules, Senior: 3 capsules. Maintenance: Take once a day after breakfast.

Item: 51995 Size: 120 capsules $19.62

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