Baxyl Hyaluronan

by Cogent Solutions Group

Baxyl is not your average HA – Boasts superior absorption and effectiveness!

HA is the major component of synovial fluid and is responsible for the integrity of cartilage. Baxyl Hyaluronan supplementation has shown a stimulatory effect on osteoblasts, enhancing cell growth and increasing bone mineralization, thus contributing to the overall bone repair process. Baxyl is found to promote the proper amounts of hyaluronan in the blood that is ideal for efficient joint function. Of high molecular weight, Baxyl is microbially synthesized, without any protein contaminants. It is set off from the competition by superior absorbability. MHB3 hyaluronan, the key component of Baxyl, is a patented modified hyaluronan biopolymer that allows for consistent molecular profile, weight, and polydispersity. The fully hydrated MHB3 allows for its bioavailability and benefit for cartilage, bone, joints, and inflammation. 30 mg. 100% vegan. Maintenance dosage is 1/2 teaspoon 2x daily. 72 servings.

Item: 50263 Size: 6 oz $39.95

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