Charcoal Activated

by Nature's Way

Does gas and bloating cause embarrassing moments? Get activated charcoal for confidence

Nature’s Way Activated Charcoal capsules are highly adsorbent particles of activated charcoal that act as “magnets” to gas, adsorbing it and carrying it out of your system. Activated Charcoal is nature’s natural filter to help fight gas build-up, and that uncomfortable feeling. Recommended Daily Dosage: Take two capsules after eating as needed. Repeat after two hours if discomfort persists.

Usage Warnings: The high adsorbency may reduce the effectiveness of certain medications. Consult a physician before taking this with other medications. Not recommended for children under 13 years of age except under the supervision of a physician. Excessive use may prevent absorption of important nutrients.

Item: 50020 Size: 280 mg/100 capsules $7.49

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