Nasopure Nasal Wash System Starter Kit

by Be Well Health

The ancient practice of nasal cleansing to help overcome the effects of pollen, dust, dry air, and pollution is endorsed even today by doctors and natural health practitioners. Helps relieve nasal dryness and promotes free breathing by cleansing the nasal passages. No more bending of the neck. Designed so that you control the flow by gently squeezing an unbreakable bottle made of safe #4 LDPE plastic. Uses a pure, natural, buffered salt mixture of pharmaceutical-grade sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate. Keep your nasal filter clean--one itchy, crusty, snotty, stuffy, sneezy, drippy nostril at a time with Nasopure.

Item: 51243 Size: Kit (Bottle + 20 ct) $18.00 $15.59

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