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The Mosquito Patch - All Natural, Deet Free!

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The Mosquito Patch - All Natural, Deet Free! Agraco
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 Mosquito Patch…the natural repellent
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Mosquito Patch These Do Work!
Posted By: eannd (RALEIGH, NC) Jun 28, 2012

I have been using Mosquito Patch for several months since bug season started. They do work! They are not perfect, but since I can't spray myself with pesticide... and have to be very, very careful around any of the "cides", then this is my best choice... I do wear long pants all the time, so I find these are better effective put on the inside of my arm or high on my back. They don't sweat off and sometimes I forget to take them off and shower and they are still on. When you first stick them to you... hold them flat on your body for about 5 seconds so the warmth of your hand will seal the edges... secret for wearing any body patch... I love them and since in an area with cases of WNV in PEOPLE and even some EEE last fall... well, these sure work and I have not picked one tick off of me since I have been wearing them to the barn... Okay they smell like a vitamin pill.. but one day I forgot my patch and my horses were sniffing and sniffing and acting weird... I realized I did not have my patch on and thanked them for telling me.. they did sniff me fairly well the first time I wore the patch, but it is not disagreeable to the horses.... :)
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stay away bugs!!!
Posted By: beloved1 (PLANT CITY, FL) Jul 17, 2011

I have to say that I purchased these a while back and I have been thoroughly pleased with the performance. Bugs stay away, even some nusance people! JK. Honestly I live in farming community and bugs are rampant especially mosquitos and gnats. I use one patch at a time for about 2 days and it does the trick! Bugs stay away! I have to say that the first time I used this patch I was walking through the grass and started feeling something crawling on my foot I looked down to see that I had stepped in a fireant mound and my foot was covered with ants (at that same time I was expecting the attack of bites) they all quickly scurried off!!! Not ONE single bite! Woo Hoo! I was sold then! I even carry them in my purse for those unexpected outdoor adventures requiring protection. You will smell like vitamins, it doesn't bother me. I also think I am less stressed when I am wearing this patch which is an extra bonus. The only downfall that I can say is the adhesiveness is lacking and sometimes I have to add a little medical paper tape to keep it on. Other than that I love this product!!!
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Posted By: W. CARR (CASSOPOLIS, MI) Sep 11, 2010

I have a Vitamin B1 deficiency, and this product is a lifesaver. Without B1 I get the shakes and am easily tired. I can't absorb B1 via food, but wearing one of these patches solves the problem.
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