Silver Biotics Immune System Support

by American Biotech Labs

One of the most researched silver supplements on the market.

Silver Biotic’s ‘Superior Patented Silver Technology’ is the industry leader in silver products. With a powerful 10 PPM nano-silver solution that actually recycles in the body to continue to work, it is designed to boost your immune system and reduce fatigue. Due to its patented technology, nano-silver is much more stable and bioavailable than other silver particles. It does not build up in the body as do ionic silver particles.

Item: 51769 Size: 4 oz spray $10.99 $10.29
Item: 51770 Size: 8 oz $16.99 $16.29
Item: 52032 Size: 16 oz $24.79 $22.89
Item: 52301 Size: 32 oz $43.89 $41.99

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