Real Krill Enhanced with DHA & EPA

by Doctor's Best

Krill oil carries the Omega 3’s straight into the cell!

The Omega-3s of krill oil are naturally bound to phospholipids, which causes them to be far more biologically active than those of fish oil. Research shows its capacity to support cardiovascular risk factors (cholesterol, triglycerides, and blood sugar management) is without comparison! Inflammation and joint issues are improved as well. Krill also contains Astaxanthin, a superstar antioxidant and potent cell protector. The Enhanced Krill adds DHA (512 mg) and EPA (134 mg) from fish oil with the krill phospholipids.

Item: 51865 Size: 30 mg/60 softgels (1-2 month supply) MSRP $36.99 Everyday Low Price $20.49

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